Who we are?

We are just fucking Mofoz who want to play loud and noisy r`n`r. We`re aware that we can not change your attitude, neither your beliefs and, honestly, we don`t want to. Actually, we don`t give a shit about it. We are old enough to know that we can not change the world.

What is our music about!?

Our music is our best psychotherapy, our ideal world, an escape from reality and, on the other hand, it shows us as we really are, an old fucking punk rock bastards. If you don`t think that we are, hell, fuck you!!! Also, we want to show respect to the dudes that we love and grew up with. To show gratitude for their work, their achievements and visions. Our influences from Metallica to Sonic Youth, Talking Heads to Swans, Bowie to Lemmy. All those people who gave an inspiration to our music and attitudes. Nevertheless, we are trying to go by our own way, putting bits and pieces of everything and giving it in final to our own style.

How about our attitudes...

Are we political? Do we have an opinion about the present and everyday politics? Are we the lousy Anarchists or some posers who pretend to be ones? Hellyeah, who fucks! We know what we know, we are aware of our position and attitude, that is it! Everyone has the right to think what he thinks, but don`t bullshit anyone else. Our approach is individual and sarcastic! Is it OK 4 U!? We are not here to make you happy!!! And to make it clear at the end...

Fuck it!!!

Without music, life would be a mistake