our history

Started in Dec. 2014, in Prague, with no serious expectations, coming on like a bunch of guys who just wanted to have fun, play rock and make it loud. The very first line up was: Howling Eve - guitar, Tomas Brandon - bass and Sany Bec - drums.
We played mostly for ourselves at the beginning. We had some gigs, but after a while in Sep 2015, Tomas left the band and Hana K. replaced him. At least, we had a girl in the band, so playing live was much more interesting for our audience. :-) Then we played another few gigs which showed that BAF may have some actual potential, following the crowd reactions.
In 2016, the gigs were more successful because we`ve approached the sound that we were looking for and, secondly, Hana was quite "live bait" for our fans. In October, we made the first bigger appearance on German Metal Fest. Hellyeah, it was the great show!!!
In May 2017, Hana K. has left the band and we'd to rearrange rhythm line up, Howling Eve still sings and plays the guitar, but Sany Bec starts to play the bass guitar and we got a new member in the band called SouKee, who is playing the drums now. After this change, music becomes harder, noisier and one step closer to the crossover metal/punk sound. In Oct. 2017, we started cooperation with Jaro Sound production to finish up records and make some BAF digital trace on this world.
In Dec. 2017, BAF plays as a support of the Ex YU punk/new wave legends Elektricni Orgazam. This is a great honour for us and with huge respect to this band, we enjoyed the best gig and the biggest crowd so far.
This year we focused on the improvement of our style and sound. And it was worth it! 15th Sep. we played as support for probably one of the best Croatian punk rock band, if not the most provocative one in Ex YU region - LET 3. For the second time, we had a chance to be beside the legends of the alternative scene and we really enjoyed the show.
Hellyeah, the story will continue...